Happy Halloween!

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Today is the arrival day of most of those that are coming in for the PG Athlete training camp. If you know us, you know we like to “go with the flow” a little more than stick with a strict schedule. Today (or tonight, I guess)–we’ll meet at Dan Petro’s gym (CF West Cobb) around 6:30-ish. We’ll have a “meet and greet” of sorts, and he has a grill at his gym—so grilling something up there wouldn’t be completely out of the question. There is a grocery store (or two) across the street from his gym, so an impromptu cookout wont be a huge inconvenience if you come empty handed (like I will). If you are going trick or treating tonight, and cant make it—just show up tomorrow morning around 10-10:30. There will be normal Saturday morning classes being held at Dan’s gym, so if  you arrive early—please respect his class and those that are participating in it.

I want to reiterate that this is a full participation athlete training camp—there wont be instruction. Please don’t show up and expect anyone to drill lift positions or gymnastics (like you would find at a “SEMINAR”)—because you WILL be disappointed. That being said, if you have small inefficiencies in some movements and there is some quick adjustments to be made (like, 2 minutes or less of instruction)—that will most likely happen.

Everyone have a safe Halloween.



10/31 wod

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Happy Trick or Treat Day.
Welcome to those that came (or are coming in) from out of town for Training Camp.

OH Complex
2 BTN Push Press
+ 1 Snatch Balance
+ 1 OHS
Work this for 20min and get moderate heavy but perfect.

10 Thrusters 135/95#
2 Legless RC
15 T2B


10/30 wod

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Hang Power Clean
HD then 85% of HD

3×5 Clean Grip 3 postions pause DL
*shin, knee, mid thigh each for full second.

10 WB 12′ 20/14#
10 Muscle ups
5 OHS 185/135#
200m Run
*OHS from ground


10/28 wod

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Back Squat
5×5 80%

GH Raises
3×8 Hard as possible

15 C2B
10 Burpee OTBXJ 24/20″
80′ FR Walking Lunge 175/120#


10/27 wod

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PG Training Camp going now this coming weekend. Should be a great time at CF West Cobb.


Hang Power Snatch
Heavy Double (HD) then 5×2 @ 85% of HD

3×5 Snatch Grip Straight Leg DL
Heavy as posible

500m Row Damper 2/30+s/m
10 Hang Power Clean 205/135#
10 HSPU 3″/1″ Deficit


10/25 wod

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Back Squat
5×3 82%

Agility Drills
Set up some cones and hurdles and do work.
Sprint, Crawl, Change direction, Jump

Trail Hike/Run
Find Favorite Trail
Total hike has to be at least an hour with
20min accumulated time of running.
*Wear a pack or vest.


10/24 wod

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Push Press
HS then 4×3 80% of HS

5×5 Pendlay Rows Heavy as Possible

750m Row
15 OHS 155/110#
100 Double Unders



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