Proving Grounds Tactical – A Military Program

Through the years, Proving Grounds has maintained close ties with the military, as PG founder Aaron Evans is a U.S. Navy veteran andย PG is aย proud supporter of the military community. As we have grown, there has been an increase in requests specifically for military programming and combat readiness training. Proving Grounds Tactical, a military specialized program, is capable of providing…

may 25

Think about those that gave all so you can be free… **if you aren’t doing Murph… A. Bench 5set x 3rep 80% B. 3rnd Ring Dip x11 Thruster x15 (95/65) Row 500 *rest 5min 3rnd Deadlift x12 (155/100) Push Up x15 enjoy.

may 18

Great job to all of the athletes that competed in the first weekend of the CF Regionals. Huge congrats to PG athlete Aaron Hanna for taking second in the Atlantic Regional—he’ll be making his first Games appearance. Making it to the Regional level is very hard work, so all competitors should pat themselves on the back—regardless of placing. You all…


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