mar 5

Snatch *work to tough 5 then; 15.2 OR Amrap 6 Bx Jmp Over x10 (30/24) Rope Ascent x1 then; HS Walk x75′ (unbroken) then; Amrap 6 Ascending Ladder T2B Snatch (165/115) *ascend by 1’s *can be any snatch **HS Walk must be UB, even if you have to turn **no break between work enjoy. #BlackList.

mar 3

Back Squat *work to tough 5 then; Amrap 12 Ascending Ladder WallBall (20/14 -10′) Ring MU Thruster (135/95) *ascend by 1’s *1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3…. enjoy. #BlackList.

feb 27

Split Jerk *work to heavy single then; Open 15.1 OR KBS x40 (70/55) Clean x30 (155/105) Legless x2 Rope Ascent x4 Wall Ball x40 (20/14 -12′) S2OH x30 (155/105) *any type of clean enjoy. #BlackList.

feb 26

The offseason is officially over. Welcome to competition season 2015! Snatch *heavy single then; 2rnd Burpee Bx Jump x30 (30/24) Pwr Snatch x8 (175/115) then; 1rnd MU (to failure) then; 21-15-9 Hand Release Push Up DL (175/115) Ring Dip *no rest between *use same bar for snatch and DL enjoy. #BlackList.

feb 23

Clean and Jerk *work to heavy single then; EMOM (until failure) Thruster x7 (75/55) Pull Up x7 Burpee x7 *time cap = 20min *once you fail, row 500m then complete as many rounds as possible for the remainder of the 20min *goal = 16+ rounds *protect hands…Open is only days away!!! *courtesy: Ben Bergeron enjoy. #BlackList.


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