oct 9

A. Snatch Complex: Snatch High Pull (x2) + Snatch *work to heavy single *this work should be done from blocks (bar just below knee) *do NOT do this from the “floating” hang, stack bumpers and use those if necessary B. 5rnd Max reps in 60sec: Strict HSPU (3″/1″ def) Bx Jump Over (24/20) Snatch (75/55) – (any snatch) Hand Release…

oct 6

A. Snatch Balance *find heavy single B. Amrap 7min Ascending Ladder MU x1 KBS x1 (70/55) *ascend by 1’s rest 5min, then; Amrap 7min Ascending Ladder DL x1 (315/205) T2B x1 Ascend by 1’s enjoy.

oct 5

A. Clean and Jerk *work to heavy 3 (no TnG) then; 3set x 2rep 90% B. DU x50 then; 3rnd OHS x15 (135/95) Legless Rope x3 then; DU x50 *move immediately from DU to metcon and metcon to DU, no breaks enjoy.


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